Dr. Carel Meskers


Carel Meskers is a medical doctor who obtained his PhD on the assessment of shoulder disorders introducing engineering concepts into clinical practice. After his training in physical medicine and rehabilitation in Amsterdam he became a consulting specialist in rehabilitation medicine at Leiden University Medical Center. Since 2014 he is consulting specialist in neurorehabilitation at VU Medical Center, Amsterdam and medical director of the Innovative Medical Devices Initiative (IMDI) consortium “Neurocontrol”: a close collaboration between medical doctors, engineers, scientists and entrepreneurs to facilitate healthcare sustainability. Carel Meskers specializes in assessment and treatment of motor disorders in patients with upper motor neuron diseases. His research focuses on the understanding of neuromechanical changes as a linking pin between motor, sensory and higher brain function to reduce impairment. He is PI and co- PI of several key research projects such as PROFITS (Precision profiling to improve long-term outcome after stroke), EXPLORE- stroke (Exploring Plasticity after stroke, www.hersenstichting.nl), EXPLICIT (Explaining Plasticity after stroke, www.explicit-stroke.nl), BALROOM (Balance Test Room, www.neurosipe.nl), NeurAS (NEURoControl- Assessment and Stimulation, www.medicaldelta.nl) and ROBIN (ROBot aided system Identification: novel tools for diagnosis and assessment in Neurological rehabilitation, www.neurosipe.nl). He holds a fellowship from the Dutch Brain Foundation (Hersenstichting).