Dr. ir. Alfred Schouten

sc_Alfred_SchoutenAlfred Schouten associate professor at the Department of Biomechanical Engineering at the Delft University of Technology (0.8 fte), and University of Twente (0.2 fte), the Netherlands. At the TUD he is co-founder of the laboratory of neuromuscular control, which focuses on methods and devices to assess and understand neuromuscular control in both healthy subjects and patients with neurological dysfunction. His expertise is in the field of diagnostic robotics, neuromuscular modeling, and closed-loop system identification techniques to untangle the human motor control system. More recently, Dr. Schouten has been developing techniques to measure the functional connectivity between the brain and muscles during mechanical perturbations. He is co-author and member of the steering board of NeuroSIPE, a national program between universities, academic medical centres and industry to develop novel diagnostic tools for neurological disorders and funded by the Dutch government (5.25 M€). Dr.ir. A.C. Schouten has published over 40 papers in the area of biomechatronics and human motor control.