Dr. ir. Jan Buitenweg

Jan R. Buitenweg is principal investigator of the track Nociceptive and Somatosensory Processing of the department of Biomedical Signals and Systems of the University of Twente. His major objective is the development of neurotechnological, neurophysiological and psychophysical tools enabling clinical assessment, prevention and treatment of chronic pain disorders. Present projects focus on three neurotechnological challenges of the chronic pain problem: (1) development of methods for controlled stimulation and conditioning of activity in pain related neural pathways, (2) development of methods for extended quantitative observation of functional changes of nociceptive subsystems and (3) development of mechanism based mathematical models for explaining and predicting experimental and clinical results, based on principles of neurostimulation and neurocomputational insights. All research initiatives and activities are strongly driven by translational perspectives on health care innovation, in close collaboration with clinical partners, international industry and university spin-off companies.