Finished Projects



The NeuroSipe Programme is a sustainable community and cooperation among Dutch Universities, university medical centers, and companies, which aims to develop diagnostic tools for neurological disorders. The primary focus of NeuroSIPE will be on the neuromuscular system, the autonomous cardiovascular system, the thermoregulation system and the pain regulating system.
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Prospective cohort studies show that about 80% of all stroke survivors have an upper limb paresis immediately after stroke. Only one third of all stroke patients will regain some dexterity, whereas well-researched evidence based therapies for an effective treatment of the upper limb are lacking. However, the main claim of the literature is that functional recovery of the upper paretic limb is mainly defined within the first month post stroke and that rehabilitation services should be applied preferably within this time window of recovery. Furthermore, it is known that exercise-related interventions are most effective when they are applied intensively in a task-oriented way.
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Trauma Related Neuronal Dysfunction: Translational research with fundamental research projects and clinical trials into Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.
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