The Neuras project aims to develop and implement novel technology to improve the assessment of disorders where sensorimotor integration is impaired as well as to stimulate neuroplasticity.

Neuras will develop new hardware and clinical applications and will implement standard assessment and evaluation protocols in close collaboration with researchers, SME’s, clinicians and representatives of clinical care units. NeurAS aims to generate new foreground IP and pushes clinical care to promote the capacity of patients to deal with day-to-day environmental challenges and barriers as the ultimate way to improve autonomy and quality of life.

Neuras consists of three highly interrelated subprojects. Subproject 1 focuses on diagnostics within the NeuroControl program line “neurophysiological devices”. Subprojects 2 and 3 will use the knowledge generated in subproject 1 and develop novel rehabilitative approaches for spinal cord injury and stroke, integrating the therapeutic programs “neurostimulation devices” and “rehabilitative robotics”.


Project 1: Integrative Assesment of Motor (dys)function

Project 2: Novel non-invasive stimulation paradigm to improve gait rehabilitation in Spinal Cord Injury

Project 3: tDCS stimulation combined with robotic rehabilitation to improve motor control of the upper extremity in chronic stroke patients