The latest insight on recovery after stroke shows that the potential for functional recovery is largely determined within 72 hours after stroke.

PROFITS aims to develop a clinical infrastructure in which we can obtain an individualized prognosis and uniform assessment of functional outcome within a network of caregivers. This framework is required for optimal planning of interventions, avoiding both overtreatment and under- treatment and enables intervention studies that include many patients, shortening the duration of each study. Essential in the infrastructure is that PROFITS will estimate prognosis of functional recovery after stroke by using EEG- based neurophysiological assessment. PROFITS will uniformly assess functional outcome in terms of restitution (primary neurological repair) and substitution (compensation) in a nationwide network comprising stroke units in hospitals and rehabilitation institutes. PROFITS will record measurements within a tailor made ICT solution, assembling recovery patterns after stroke in a large cohort, encompassing a wide variety of stroke patients.

A specific selling point of this infrastructure is that we will improve prognostic models for functional outcome in the first 72h after stroke, combined with assessment of long term outcome in terms of restitution (primary neurological repair) and substitution (compensation). This is the required infrastructure of future studies on the added value of novel intervention paradigms. This will accelerate time-to-market and clinical validation of new therapeutic interventions. PROFITS is supported by a broad network of caregivers, relevant SME’s and a large Dutch insurance company. PROFITS is a sound investment in innovation of care for patients with neurological disorders. Therefore, PROFITS distinctively adds to the overall aim to make health care sustainable.