Prof. dr. Gert Kwakkel

portret van Topwetenschapper Gert KwakkelGert Kwakkel PhD, PT is a movement scientist and Professor in Neurorehabilitation at the Department Rehabilitation Medicine of the VU University Medical Centre in Amsterdam,The Netherlands. His chair is dedicated to translational research in the field of stroke rehabilitation. In particular he is interested in the role of neuroplasticity and behavioral mechanisms for stroke recovery. He is managing editor of NeuroRehabilitation and Neural Repair (IMPF 4.8) and member of the editorial board of the Stroke Journal, the International Journal of Stroke and Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine. He is father of the EXPLICIT-stroke program that is running in the Netherlands since 2008 ( He has published more than 140 papers in leading scientific journals such as The Lancet, The Lancet Neurology, BMJ and Stroke. His work has been cited over 5000 times resulting in a H-index of 36 (WebOfKnowledge). Worldwide, Gert Kwakkel has delivered more than 50 invited keynote lectures and is acknowledged recently as one of the top-researchers of the VU Medical Centre ( Gert Kwakkel is president of the Dutch Society of Neurorehabilitation and responsible for the Physical Therapy Stroke Guidelines in the Netherlands. (